iPhone 5S Cooming Soon!


iPhone 5S

It has been confirmed that September 10 will be the release date of the new iPhone. This is indeed good news for iPhone fans or people who wants to buy a new phone soon.

iphone 5S iPhone 5S Cooming Soon!


Last year Apple lost market against Samsung Galaxy series. If we compare iPhone to Samsung Galaxy, opinions may differ and comparison, in my opinion, is useless. They are both different devices and for different tastes.

Let’s take a look at new iPhone 5s!

There will be a gold version along with white and black cases. At some countries there are a lot of variations of cases. So it looks like Apple decided to listen customers and release different color options. I hope company will continue listening their customers and release more customisable products.

New iPhone, will have a same CPU but with better performance. Technically explained as it will be a clocked version of the CPU used at iPhone 5. So at this subject we dont get something very impressing. But better performance is always accepted!

Screen quality will not increase but Apple is planing to increase screen brightness while decreasing its energy consumption. This will be a great upgrade in my opinion. More battery life is something everyone will appriciate.

iPhone 5s will come with a better camera. Front camera will not change but behind camera will be 12-megapixels. And also with a dual-LED flash. Which looks like a good feature. But personally, I don’t support the idea that such devices should have a camera like this. We use these devices for talking and surfing over the web. If we want to take pictures, we should buy something specific for this purpose. Dual flash and increase on megapixel will reduce battery life. But still this is a progress.

Fingerprint reader! At iPhone 5s Apple decided to add a finger print reader underneath the Home button. So what is the catch? Probably we will not need a password lock. And also logins to web pages and applications can also be done via fingerprint reader. This is something worth of it.


Apple looks like starting to fail on creating new ideas. iPhone indeed, created a new era on mobile devices. We all should accept and apriciate this. But Apple is now loosing its popularity because of lacking new features. If you are already an iPhone 5 or 4/4s user, you should keep it. New iPhone will not give you something completely new. But if you are planing to buy a new phone, iPhone 5s might be you best choice.

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